Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wedding Table Decor

So following my last post on the twine and lace decorated coffee jars.. which I have been continuing to make... so cute!
 I've got cracking with my heads bridesmaid Rachel on making table runners! I owe it to the suggestion of another of my bridesmaids who was quite fond of decorating the cake she is making for us in burlap and twine. Something like this... though she is doing an elaborate amount of tiers.

 It's given my wedding a farmy theme, which suits Rob and I rather well ... before hand I didn't really have a specific theme... it was going to be sweetpea colours (as they are my favourite flower) but sadly they aren't in bloom during April and therefore my 'go-to' flower is the tulip. So the theme then became 'brights'. Pinks, yellows, purples, blues, rich greens and NO RED thank you very much! However due to the cake its got a dash of potato sack now :) and I'm quite glad! Gives me a bit of direction.
What are bridesmaids for but to do a brides bidding? Or sewing in this case...

I spent a 4 extra evenings doing the rest, and ended up with 25 6ft long table runners. Perfecto. 

We had one wide long stretch of burlap, divided it's width by five, each runner then was 28cm wide, and cut them in lengths of just over 6ft so the ends would fall over the edges of the tables. Just about the right size I think, and far more cost effective than buying narrow strips of the material. The edging is crocheted lace, which was sourced from Ebay, I went for cream as stark white I find a bit too garish next to the brown.

Sorry for the dark photos, these are from my instagram and therefore filtered in order to try and compensate for my phones terrible picture quality. 

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