Thursday, 19 July 2012

Animal antics

I had meant to include these illustrations in an exhibition entitled 'wild things' at cafe Boscanova, however by the time I got to a scanner to copy the black and white versions... well put it this way... it is now a bit late to colour them and post them over to england for it. However, the efforts are not pointless as I can include these in my colouring book.

Day drawing

I wanted to draw the clothes I wore throughout the week. Here's fridays. I love long scarves.  Infact, I much prefer winter clothes to summer ones... bundle up in a nice jumper and boots :)

Also been adventuring lots on my Veespa, great for getting about and cheekily nipping past traffic. 


This was from a little while ago actually, my chum Lois threw a pancake party for me as I was leaving Bournemouth to return to my mother land (Jersey) for the summer. We had a grand time playing pass the parcel with forfeits and stuffed ourselves with many sugary delights.

Thank you for a grand day Lois :)