Thursday, 28 February 2013

Birds from the Sketchbook

Having a thing for Eurasian Jays at the minute...

Backgrounds for sticker book




Prehistoric (but looks more like mexico)

Hat shop - just a roulette one in there :)



Vines (for all my beloved birds)


Under the sea

Theres a lot of blue going on here.. but it's a fresh colour so I can dig it. The stickers I created for these backgrounds don't really match... though I like em, (click here to see issuu booklet from previous blog posts

So I'm going to create a mass load of stickers in this style and see what happens. Faboo

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Card Making

Been making a few of my own cards. I'd previously sold quite a few of them on craft stalls and what not... though I did send a cheeky email to Phoenix cards designs to see if they'd like them. Who knows? 
Anyway, for the minute I'm self publishing. Heres a few photos from todays production run with my chum Rachel!

If you would like to buy one of my funky cards they cost £2. Please email me at

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

issuu sticker book

Created an issuu version of my latest project.

I wanted to create a series of interactive/partially educational books entitled 'kids need to...' followed by the activity focused upon in the book. This one deals with character and setting. You can place the animals on any background you would like (the back pages are intended to be sticker pages). The order of the setting then correlates to the order of the stickers for the appropriate settings, with an added bonus sticker page where extra drawings have gone.  This is an online version without a finalised front/back cover. Settings are as follows : prehistoric (though it does look more mexicany really) Space, vines, clouds, hat shop (just to fix it up a bit and an excuse for doodlin' hats), under the sea, magnifying glass for bugs, woodland area (for all your badgery needs) snow scape and the beach!

More Stickers



and more to come.. just cracking on with the book at the minute

The Boy Without Wings continued

A tale of exploration, self discovery, and lots of birds :)

Further Images - The Boy Without Wings

Carrying on with this narrative, I really do want to make a completed book. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


So if I'm making a sticker book I'm going to need stickers! I've been drawing various animals and objects... the idea is that each page will have a different theme, under the sea, woodland etc.... and then there will be corresponding sticker pages with characters that suit the subject matter, you can create your own scenes with the stickers.. and the beginning pages in the book will have scenery to help tell a bit of a story.  These images have been scaled down and not fully edited... just to give you a sense of what I'm working on at the minute. 

Crabs, lobsters...

Scenery for a prehistoric section

And of course quirky birds. 

Thing's i'm interested in at the minute, badgers, cactus's and birds. 

My chum who plays the banjo and bugs. 

various hats

Colourful fish... love these guys

puffer fish is onto a winner!


Illustrations of maracas and sombreros for a Mexican Party invite.

Redo of a redo - Flowers

Sometimes image perfecting can be a timely process, and to get an image just right you need to try and try again. This image being a prime example. Now the face actually looks like my character Ari and the arms are drawn better too! To see previous art works so you can see what I mean with regards to improvement check out my previous post :

Inky birds

Drew a load of birds in ink and pencil colour, I like this stylistic approach because the mark making is very gestural and expressive but I have drawn away from this for my current project because I want to create drawings with clarity and a clear holding line. For my current project I am producing a variety of children's activity books therefore though these illustrations are lively my next approaches are more appropriate for my intentions. Stay 'blogged in' if you want to see what I mean. 


Drawing of my friend Saffron.  Material - biro
Having a girl evening where everyone was painting each others nails, giving massages or facials.... and I'm thinking... what can I do to contribute? Hey lets draw someone!

Friday, 1 February 2013

kids art session

Working with a group of lovely young ones, my chums the Halliwells, in order to create decorations for a mexican party! Ariba ariba! Daniel's face lit up when i said I had sewing stuff :)