Tuesday, 5 February 2013


So if I'm making a sticker book I'm going to need stickers! I've been drawing various animals and objects... the idea is that each page will have a different theme, under the sea, woodland etc.... and then there will be corresponding sticker pages with characters that suit the subject matter, you can create your own scenes with the stickers.. and the beginning pages in the book will have scenery to help tell a bit of a story.  These images have been scaled down and not fully edited... just to give you a sense of what I'm working on at the minute. 

Crabs, lobsters...

Scenery for a prehistoric section

And of course quirky birds. 

Thing's i'm interested in at the minute, badgers, cactus's and birds. 

My chum who plays the banjo and bugs. 

various hats

Colourful fish... love these guys

puffer fish is onto a winner!

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