Sunday, 29 April 2018


As part of a larger group project covering the subject of 'identity'
I had a good long think as to what to draw relating to identity, DNA, profiles, portraits, finger prints, passports, but in the end thought 'most people don't even like their identity!' Social media pressures people to look a certain way or want to fit in with certain social groups. Hence my final image. A girl who wears various masks depending on what roles she wants to play or is pressured into. It's meant to be a little creepy. Showing of all illustrations will be in Gibraltar. Many artists are submitting 14x14cm pieces which will be pieced together like a massive illustrated quilt.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Mystery Solved

If you have seen my instagram feed @kates_makes, you will have noticed I sew some cute little felt owls. This comic is based on true life events. 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Craft Poster

I've been invited by a friend to have a stall at a craft and produce sale, very excited. I've also designed the poster for it :

Maybe I'll see you there!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Friday, 11 December 2015

Robot prototype sketches

My husband and I are making a gift for a friend. We already modelled our prototype ideas out of polymer clay, and the final designs were then sketched up and here is a page of the colour testing, just to see what worked... you can see what was approved of by the ticks. I'm quite proud of the models we made, I'll post up images of them at a later date.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Postcard Wedding Invite

So I thought I'd share the wedding invite deigns I've been working on for next year, oh, did I fail to mention I'M GETTING MARRIED?? Yes madness, blissful joyful ecstatic madness! Rob and I have decided to go very simple and produce postcards for our wedding invites. As much of the décor I've been making has been made from burlap & lace I suppose the invites needed to match!
 Yes yes it's a bit brown I know, but when printed on a gorgeous textured paper it will look STUNNING. The frame on the back is there so I can write in the guests addresses... 

Many of these fonts are from of though the address font is a photoshop standard. We were looking at in order to get them printed, they have such an excellent array of papers!
You may be asking why I've squished the text so close together, well the postcard may have the edges trimmed and therefore I had to keep all vital info well away from the sides.

Had to create two postcard backs, one for reception guests and one for the after dinner guests. Sadly we can't fit in everyone, but the dancing at 7 will also include cake and cheese so everyone should be happy. 

I realise I'm posting this on the internet for all to see, NO WEDDING CRASHERS GOT IT?

Beautiful Budget Money Savers for Dining

I thought I'd share with you some of my sneeky tips for saving a little bit of cash when hosting a dinner party. I'm currently planning my wedding and therefore every penny counts! It needs to be beautiful but also big and budget. I have many mouths to feed and water, and quite a few tables to decorate. I've had a few friends on the case too. My mother's growing the flowers for the reception and I've been collecting cheap and cheerful vases to display them from various hospice shops, but I've found.. if I do say so myself... an INGENIOUS money saver for vases. Now I'm doing this for a wedding but there's no reason you can't apply these tips for any social occasion.
Everyone knows someone who's a coffee addict, perhaps you work in an office where it's constantly being restocked; my fiancée's family just happen to plough through the stuff. Therefore my darling mother-in-law-to-be has been setting aside the coffee jars...
Just add a bit of twine, glue and lace and voilà!

These are gorgeous,  the perfect size for the flowers I'm going to be filling the tables with and the coffee jars themselves are a fantastic shape, very sort of art deco. I think I'll invite my friends around for coffee a bit more in the run up to my wedding, or take a greater interest in making coffee cakes! I'm going to need quite a lot of these babies.
I'm doing the old school hall hire for my wedding, we have a caterer sorting the food but my fiancée and I have decided to provide all the drinks ourselves. Obviously there will be plenty of wine, but guests always need water too! I had considered doing a mass buy of big plastic water bottles and putting them on the tables.. but I don't quite fancy the look of the plastic bottles with their labels sticking out all over the place... and I had considered Ikea bottles as they look nice, just top them up with tap water and put them out on the tables, perfect, great, oh wait... Two problems. One, I live in Jersey and the closest Ikea is in Southampton, and two, for the amount I need to buy... 60 or so... it would cost more than I am willing to spend... and then what do I do with all of those bottles afterwards?? Solution! Clear wine bottles! The restaurant I used to work at would soak off the labels from old bottles of Rose, clean them up and then use them for tap water.

So I got to work on it yesterday, the biggest challenge was knifing off the metal cuffs around the necks of the bottles, I did end up cutting my thumb quite a bit so if you do give this a go wear gloves if you can. I have 19 at the minute... so just encouraging my chums to drink up and save me their bottles!

Alternatively they make gorgeous candle holders.