Thursday, 18 December 2014

Postcard Wedding Invite

So I thought I'd share the wedding invite deigns I've been working on for next year, oh, did I fail to mention I'M GETTING MARRIED?? Yes madness, blissful joyful ecstatic madness! Rob and I have decided to go very simple and produce postcards for our wedding invites. As much of the décor I've been making has been made from burlap & lace I suppose the invites needed to match!
 Yes yes it's a bit brown I know, but when printed on a gorgeous textured paper it will look STUNNING. The frame on the back is there so I can write in the guests addresses... 

Many of these fonts are from of though the address font is a photoshop standard. We were looking at in order to get them printed, they have such an excellent array of papers!
You may be asking why I've squished the text so close together, well the postcard may have the edges trimmed and therefore I had to keep all vital info well away from the sides.

Had to create two postcard backs, one for reception guests and one for the after dinner guests. Sadly we can't fit in everyone, but the dancing at 7 will also include cake and cheese so everyone should be happy. 

I realise I'm posting this on the internet for all to see, NO WEDDING CRASHERS GOT IT?

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