Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bespoke Exhibition at Boscanova

Currently at cafe Boscanova art works created by AUCB illustration students are up for sale!
 Here's a few pictures of our opening night. 
I think the work is up until January, so give it a look if you get the chance. It was really nice to be involved in such a large group activity. After the opening night the work filling the tables was taken and sold on a market stall, went quite well I hear. Fantastic!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Step By Step

The Progress of an Ink painting which will hopefully be featured in our YR 2 illustration show at Cafe Boscanova. It begins on Thursday so pop down to the cafe to get a good look at all the students work, grab a coffee and chill out. The theme for this exhibition was winter, hence the arctic owl. Any excuse for me to draw owls really...

I like it at this stage... maybe I should have left it.

Like the genius I am, I accidentally broke the glass for this image's first frame, thankfully there was a frame of the same size in my kitchen, so I glued the broken glass together, (super glue you are amazing) and managed to do the ol' switch-er-roo. The glass was the perfect size, fantastic! Now I just have to find a way to haul it into uni tomorrow... it measures 17 x 21 inches approx. I don't think I will cycle in tomorrow some how...

Lino cutting

Been trying out a bit of lino, (heavily bullied influenced by my chum Rob, part of Schweet Collective) I will post up my results eventually, but for the moment, a few photos so you can get a flavour of the print room.

Robs Lino cutting

My sparrows

Also my chum Sarah (also part of Schweet Collective) and I did a crafty stall at our uni. It went rather well and it was nice to chat to students on other courses. I don't get out of the illustrator hub much really!

D'aww! Look how happy she is with an owl badge! You can purchase Sarah's sketchbooks from her Etsy shop

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hatted students

Drawings of a few of my illustration chums. Hats are clearly in!

A bit of colour is nice too eh?