Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lino cutting

Been trying out a bit of lino, (heavily bullied influenced by my chum Rob, part of Schweet Collective) I will post up my results eventually, but for the moment, a few photos so you can get a flavour of the print room.

Robs Lino cutting

My sparrows

Also my chum Sarah (also part of Schweet Collective) and I did a crafty stall at our uni. It went rather well and it was nice to chat to students on other courses. I don't get out of the illustrator hub much really!

D'aww! Look how happy she is with an owl badge! You can purchase Sarah's sketchbooks from her Etsy shop


  1. Those print lino thingies look great! Can't wait to see the final pieces...

    Your craft stall looks cool, too. Make much money from it?

  2. Enough to cover the cost of the stall (£20) and then a bit of profit, so happy days!!

  3. Haha I was so excited by your badge, my face imploded =P
    I'd love to see your lino prints!