Tuesday, 12 February 2013

issuu sticker book

Created an issuu version of my latest project.

I wanted to create a series of interactive/partially educational books entitled 'kids need to...' followed by the activity focused upon in the book. This one deals with character and setting. You can place the animals on any background you would like (the back pages are intended to be sticker pages). The order of the setting then correlates to the order of the stickers for the appropriate settings, with an added bonus sticker page where extra drawings have gone.  This is an online version without a finalised front/back cover. Settings are as follows : prehistoric (though it does look more mexicany really) Space, vines, clouds, hat shop (just to fix it up a bit and an excuse for doodlin' hats), under the sea, magnifying glass for bugs, woodland area (for all your badgery needs) snow scape and the beach!

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