Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Portraiture Workshop

There were a series of workshops we could choose to take part in last week, I chose to do a portraiture one and below are my outcomes. I did quite a few but I was happiest with my second attempt. We were only allowed to use black and white media. The pictures below are in order of creation/completion. 

Stupidly used chalk on the highlighted areas, this just picked up all the pencil marks and ended up far too dark, this aged the subject and made her look a bit bruised. Grim portraiture.

My favourite outcome, pastles I normally suck at using, this turned out alrighty actually.

Because pastles had worked out well I thought I would be daring and go for chalks... this as you can see, failed miserably!

Getting tired at this point, wanted to try something fun, fine liner portraiture with over lapping turned out not too badly actually.

By the very end I was sick of people and decided to draw an owl in a hat.... can't wait to colour this one!

Happily, it was a productive workshop, most students only produced one image in the two days, so I was quite pleased with the over all outcomes and I learned from it. I will have to give pastles a try some other time... though I don't fancy taking on colour portraits just yet.

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