Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mexican party

So to start off March I and my buddy Tara organised a mexican themed party.

We sent out the colourful invites, each with splendid doodles on them... (sorry for the quality of the photos they were ripped off of my instagram. Username katiemacon if you want to follow)

and began making lots of bits and bobs for our guests entertainment!
Collected a load of cardboard ... 

Taped it all together

Drew out our basic sketch (thats our lovely Tara right there!)
Then out came the acrylics
Here I am, hard at work!

Did quite well for our first painting session I thought.... 
Round two, I got my chum Karl in on the arty fun times

And we got it finished

Needless to say, it went down a treat :)

Also created cactus boards.. peoples faces were then put on these cactus's for a bit of a conversations starter. 
Tara made some awesome decorations!

A donkey to pin the tail on had to happen!

Many paper chains!!

A contribution box :)

And of course a giant sombrero to draw attention to the box!

And through all the stress and organising... it went splendidly. My fantastic friend Chris organised a bit of barn dancing and A few friends from the Isle of Wight played awesome rock and roll music. Everyone was happy. ARIBA!

I think very much like giving birth... it may take me a long while to remember how painful it was doing this the first time... I kind of want to organise another! 

Thanks to everyone who brought food,  helped clean up, dressed up and danced and sang and played ... it was an awesome night!

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