Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Nothing Fish

So I'm writing a new kids book, however with this one I think I'm going to make an alternate ending.. because sometimes I'm a bit bitter like that! Here's the rough narrative for the happy ending. This book is going to give me awesome opportunities to draw so many cool fish and beautiful reef scenery... prepare yourself for some colour! And hopefully accompanying fish shaped cushions. Here's one of 'the nothing fish' I've made already.  Dreading making a sea horse!

The Nothing Fish (happy ending)

In the depths of the ocean, deep in the coral reef, lived the nothing fish.
There was no fish quite like him.
He was green and round, he had never seen another fish like that!
Every other fish seemed to have someone like them, every other fish was a something.
But not the nothing fish.
He wasn’t curly like a sea horse
He wasn’t long like an eel,
He didn’t have big sharp teeth like a shark
Or stripes like the tiger fish
He didn’t expand like a porcupine fish
And he certainly wasn’t pointy like a star fish
He wasn’t gooey like a jelly fish
And he wasn’t flat like a sting ray.
He was the only ‘nothing fish’
He didn’t seem to be anything….
The nothing fish felt so lonely. He looked around at all the fish in the reef, they all had family, they all looked like someone... but not the nothing fish, there was no one like him.
He stared into the depths of the reef, feeling very sad indeed! Then he had a harder look at the reef, at the coral, and the shells, it was beautiful. The reef was wonderful, even though each plant was so different…. That’s what made it so special.
“So what about me?” thought the nothing fish… “Perhaps because I’m different… that’s what makes me special too!”
I don’t think I’m a ‘nothing fish’ anymore, I’m more of a ‘something’ fish, unique and special… in my own way” And with that new perspective, he didn’t feel so lonely anymore. 

Alternate ending: 

He stared into the depths of the reef, feeling very sad indeed!
I will forever be alone… sighed the fish.
He didn’t want to be reminded of how all the other fish were so contented with their families, whilst he had none… so he swam off into the depths of the ocean, leaving behind the reef, never to be seen again.

And just to be sure there are no actual fish that look like the nothing fish (though knowing the natural world with its wonderful weird and whacky creatures there probably is something like it but currently undiscovered) I've been researching green fish.... the only green fish at the minute I can find look nothing like 'the nothing fish' so I'm feeling pretty safe... for now...

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