Thursday, 11 November 2010

Technology CD case project

For my first project doing illustration we had to create a CD cover which included 10 illustrations though I ended up doing quite a few more. We were also encouraged to include as many extra freebies like posters etc. I decided to include a key ring, and stitched illustrations of older technologies. These could then be hung to make bunting, or simply hung up (on a string provided in the book) to create a shabby sort of steam punk atmosphere. I had great fun working on this project, though it ended up a little messier then I would have liked. I embroided the cover by hand, and cut up a book to fit the case and what not.

The front cover with hand embroided penny farthing, old style bicycle lamp and radio microphone

Back of the book, hand embroided fruit machine and kettle

This illustration is to act as a guide, the textile pieces are meant to be hung. This embroidery is of a telegram receiver.

Often in stitch work the back of the piece is just as interesting as the front so I made cut outs within my modified book so both sides of the stitch are visible. This next stitch illustration is of a fruit machine.

I tried to create frames which would suit each of the objects they surrounded. I really enjoyed making up new designs, the black ink did smudge sadly, though the book has a bit of a scruffy aesthetic to it anyway so I don't think this hindered my piece too much.

I made a simple knot button keyring as a 'freebie' to go along with the cd case. 

I had a few other embroideries which I attached into the book, they sit along side tags which can be removed from the book and hung up along side the previous stitch works.

The final pages. The necklace and string to the side can be used to hang up the enclosed tags and stitched illustrations, to create 'bunting'.

The CD is held in place with a watch (sadly it was broken when I bought it)

The cover is of a bridge and the cd itself has drawings of a car and penny farthing, so when the cd is placed in the case the vehicles sort of look like they are passing over the bridge. 

The tea stained illustrated disk. 

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