Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Today's Drawings - Bournemouth Town Center

My latest project is location drawing, which means adventuring wherever and sketching whatever, woop woop! Got a call from my good chum Sarah. She suggested going to Bournemouth gardens, so after posting a few ebay items I trekked out to the bus stop and made my bumpy journey to meet her. Drew a few people I saw on the bus...

There were a lot of foreign folk about. I was sat on the floor sketching and a group of students from dubai came over to chat, and get photos with me? Well it was quite funny, though I did make Sarah join, I didn't fancy being the only 'local' they got for their holiday snaps! Also chatted to a man from Holland, I suppose if you're sketching you must not be a weirdo... as people feel free to approach?

Headed to a cafe for hot drinks to revitalise us and sat by the window drawing people, though it didn't last long, I was more concerned with my millionaire shortbread to be honest.

Drew Sarah a few times too on the bus into Kinson territory. She has a very cool hat.

Not such great drawings today, not so keen on the one of Rosie's sofa, still it was good to get some work done, so it actually looks like I have done something!!

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