Sunday, 2 December 2012

Single page narrative illustrations

So here are a few images of drawings I've done recently for single page spreads, I have most o' the double page spreads sorted now, so it's time to focus on the smaller details. My scanner at home really saturates the colours on the images, so I think I'll have to re scan these images at Uni. 
Saying farewell
And example of a page featuring multiple small illustrations, though I feel the text placement needs work...

Creating a defined shape for a few illustrations which feature scenery, adds variation to the imagery and interest. Though I also intend to create some illustrations that will fill the single page spread I do like this oval approach. Plus the white space leaves room for text. 

Had to slip in a cliche owl. Here the perspective is er.. interesting, though it's meant to seem a bit ominous at this point in the text.. before the drama happens! The darkness below in the image alludes to this. 

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