Friday, 7 December 2012

Upcycling an old sleeveless jumper/woolen vest

I had a bag packed full of old clothes... and as I've finally gotten my sewing machine out I thought I ought to give an old sleeveless jumper a fresh look.
Choosing a chunky button to match of course!
First turn your jumper inside out, then pin and stitch the bottom seam.
I was a bit aprehensive about putting my jumper through the sewing machine as the fabric was quite thick... but it went just fine, just make sure you take it slowly and don't push your machine too hard!

As its a jumper already theres no need to stitch up the sides... make sure you cut off the extra fabric beyond the stitch line as you dont want any awful strange bulging.

I also stitched up the arm holes whilst the vest was inside out, (pin it then stitch it) this top part of the jumper formed the flap for the top of the cushion.

 (folded to see the sort of length I wanted the flap)
 (neck line pinned so I knew where to sew as I didn't want the green rim of the neck line to show)
 (close up of it stitched)

I folded this flap over the jumper and stitched along the top of the flap so that you can't see the green neck line.
 Le Voila!

I left the neck hole openas this is where the cushion stuffing went in and then added a button to finish it off.  Don't forget to cut off stray threads!
For a first attempt I'm fairly pleased with myself. It's a little lumpy... but it's better than being something that just sits in the cupboard.

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