Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Been Busy Making

It's that art stally time of year again where all art students rally together to raise a bit o' cash. We have our final degree show at the end of this academic year so things should be interesting! As you can see it's badges galore for me at the minute. I had already sold a few at last weeks art sale so thought I had better refresh the stock. 

Faces from my hatted students print series. Prints available for purchase at: www.etsy.com/shop/katiemacon

Today's beauties, I personally like the one that reads 'flip' the most :)

Also I had some beautiful vintage fabric lying about and decided it was high time I made something with it! My final ambition is a skirt.. with the orange floral print, but for the minute I'm warming up with draw string bags and cushions. Hopefully I'll screen print a few designs on these beauties :)

oh crayola... you are brand new... why do you toy with my emotions so???! Broken leads make me feel like a broken woman :( Ok time to crack on with project work!

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