Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Story Board part 2

Phew about flippen time I completed the story board for my narrative... before hand it was just creating random imagery and hoping it would fit into the book... which it mostly will... why didn't I do this properly earlier?? It's ok.. just 4 double page spreads.. it'll be all good. (I did do some story boarding earlier, but this one has a far more complete order. And not just certain sections of the narrative selected... it's the whole shabang! Here's a sneek peek! Some images have already been completed so I'm relieved... but I really want to create interesting perspectives for this... being a rainforest story there is so much potential for it. 

Other earlier story board imagery here: Earlier Story boarding click here

Image for one of my final pages

Hand rendered text for the front cover. I really should have remembered from my last narrative unit that work really begins to happen once the story is physically written out. Then you can print it out and separate it up into sections for images which support the text in conveying the story. 
Well enough procrastination, happily I can use most of the imagery I've produced so far.. looking forward to the final outcome... I really want to continue this on for my FMP... then produce merchandise for it too... toys and what not... we shall see what the future holds!!

Give the story a read if you like: (though some parts wont make exact sense without the imagery) and a little disclaimer, I own this story and all related imagery, if you have any interest in using any of it, or related materials; you must ask permission, and really I only want it published if I've been the one who has illustrated it ;) as any illustrator would! Hope you enjoy!
The Boy Without Wings

Ari was born in a treetop village, here everyone can fly,
Except Ari
Ari was a boy without wings. This made him very sad.
‘One day I’ll fly… somehow…’ he told himself.
He had caught almost every bird in the forest, ‘No bird can out smart me!’ Ari chuckled.
‘Once I’ve collected a feather from each one, that’ll prove to everyone in the forest that no bird is out of my reach… even if I am a boy without wings!’
However, there was one bird, the giant Quetzal, King of the birds that Ari hadn’t caught… Ari had heard many stories about the Quetzal and his beautiful tail feathers…
He thought I saw him once, maybe he didn’t…
So it was Ari’s next mission to find the Quetzal and pluck one of his tail feathers to add to his collection.
He climbed high , and searched low,
Explored in dark caves, and among the lights where the brightest flowers grow.
He looked through the tiniest cracks, and the great expanses…
Collecting more feathers along the way of course! But he just couldn’t find the Quetzal!
‘Maybe I’ll never get one of his feathers….’ He grumbled.
Suddenly the branch Ari was standing on snapped and he fell, which often happens when you are a boy without wings…
He fell further and further …
Right into a giant spider web!
‘Oh no! I’M STUCK!’ Ari cried.
He wriggled and squirmed and tossed and turned but there was just no way that he could get out of the web! The spider had noticed Ari trapped in the web and was coming closer and closer…
‘I’d rather lose these feathers than get eaten! And I don’t need this coat either!’ Ari thought as he dropped the feathers he was holding and slipped out of his orange coat.
He looked around and webs were everywhere, he couldn’t climb down the tree… there was only one choice... he had to jump!
‘But it’s such a long way to fall!’ Ari whimpered. ‘If only I wasn’t  a boy without wings!’ He gulped, scrunched up his eyes and leapt away from the spider’s web.
Just then there was a flash of green…. And Ari wasn’t falling anymore.
The Quetzal had caught him on it’s back!
Ari was ecstatic! “The Quetzal is trying to save me!” he yelped.
The Quetzal swooped in and out of the trees with such grace. Ari loved feeling the whoosh of the wind in his hair; it really was amazing to be flying!
The Quetzal flew right above the highest treetops and perched on the tallest branch.
Ari really didn’t want to get off of the Quetzals back, ‘how amazing it was to fly on the back of the King of the birds!’ Ari thought.
Then much to Ari’s surprise the Quetzal began to speak! “I’ve been watching you collect the feathers from the birds in the forest. The birds need their feathers and I want you to stop!’ He said.
Ari’s face fell. “But how will I show everyone that no bird is out of my reach… even if I can’t fly…” He murmured.
The Quetzal looked at Ari long and hard. He had a good think and decided ‘If you stop taking the bird’s feathers, I can be your wings… every once in a while. You just have to meet me here, at the highest treetop on the tallest branch.’
Ari was so happy! He was going to be flying on the back of the King of the birds! He agreed with the Quetzal and promised to stop catching the birds of the forest.
Ari kept his promise and all the birds were very happy to keep all of their feathers, and keeping his promise, every once in a while, the Quetzal did take Ari flying.
So even if Ari is a boy without wings, he can still fly! Thanks to the giant Quetzal.

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