Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Boy Without Wings

So my for my current self initiated brief I'm writing up a narrative for a book entitled 'The Boy Without Wings' It's about a boy (let's call him Ari for now)  born in a hidden village in the rainforest where all the natives have wings and can fly, but him. However this doesn't get Ari down! He's out to prove himself by showing that even if he can't fly... no bird is out of his reach! So he goes out capturing the birds of the forest and taking a feather from each one, he let's the birds go after capturing them of course! But his greatest challenge lies with the GIANT Quetzal! King of the forest birds, though huge in size the Quetzal is rarely seen... how will Ari go about finding this bird and showing that, even if he can't fly, he is still a capable member of the tree tribe. 

Grab a birdie!

Looking in the deepest darkest caves!

Exploring amongst the flowers!

GOT ONE! the poor bird looks so gormless, aw!

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