Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Todays Drawing

Photographs of two double page spreads. I'm very fond of the first, however I don't think the second communicates the message clearly enough...

Here Ari is looking longingly at the birds. He so wants to fly. I'm very pleased with the way this image has come out. 

this would be the opening page, setting the scene for the tree top village... where all the residents can fly  except Ari, 'The Boy Without Wings'. 

I'm finding it tricky to make sure I leave breathing room for the drawings, they tend to get a little crowded... well it is set in a rainforest... but I also have to consider the text, where that is fitting in with the images...  and also where the spine will go... I don't want crucial parts of the drawing to be hidden in the fold. 

Phew well thats not too bad for a day. And I even went to the post office today, popped to tescos, did laundry, sorted out my wardrobe and cooked a chicken pie... which was delicious, thank you for asking.  :)

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