Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Visited Kew Gardens

Had a grand old visit to kew gardens, it's so beautiful, Autumn was certainly THE time to go. Drew and photographed many plants to help inspire my rainforest themed narrative project. The Gardens are beautiful, I loved the palm house and the fish section under it. Found it quite amusing that the plaques under the tanks paid more attention to the types of algae in the tank than the fish.

 I was highly disappointed however by the coffee and walnut cake in the kew gardens canteen, it was disgusting. After being pleasantly surprised by the moist flavoursome coffee and walnut cake in the Natural History museum in Oxford (connected to the Pitt Rivers museum), I thought I would give this cake another chance, who knows... perhaps my taste buds have matured to appreciate coffee and walnut cake.. but no... Kew Gardens, you have a delightful array of cakes and biscuits... and I think if I had been playing russian roulette, a coffee and walnut variety of bullet would be lodged into my brain. Next time I'll play it safe and choose the Carrot cake.

Anyway, here I am trying to figure out what to have on my back cover of the book, but the image below I'm not a big fan of, time to rethink, the pencil colour and water colour looks too overworked.

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