Friday, 30 November 2012


Well now comes the brutal task of dealing with font, something which is not my forte. Though I decided as my book is bird themed it seemed to make sense to create a title which was created using feathers, so heres the progress work for the cover of the book.

Thinking of fitting the text into some form of wing shape

Or just having a few feathered words... 
But instead I chose this approach, black was too harsh against the front image so to fit with the rainforest it became green. 


Now to play about, here are a few progress screen shots.

Doesn't stand out as much as I would like..

Added 'illustrated by' hand written.. my handwriting eugh...

Drop shadows to make it more bold

Then the background blurb...  papyrus is not the font for this project me thinks..

and a simple sans serif didn't seem to have enough character

Far too elegant!

Hang on... i think we're onto something here... chalkduster, what a brilliant font. Rough yet nice and rounded at the same time.. 

Looks grand to me, with a white stroke around the green font and a bit of a drop shadow.. I think I'll scratch the hand written 'illustrated by' and replace it with this, it looks much better... 

Old author tag line

New one, ok you can't really see the difference here... but hey!

Playing with the title text

Hmm  I think the original was the best option actually... ahh well you don't know until you try it out!

Ok so final outcome here:

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